Viaduct and Bridge Construction
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Viaduct and Bridge
Construction with Launching Gantry
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Road & Bridge and Viaducts Construction
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Installation and Operation of Stationary or
Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
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Viaducts Construction
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Turn-key Construction of Precast Concrete
Industrial Factories and Warehouses
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Production of Precast Concrete Elements
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ILGAZ Construction SRL, a sister company of ILGAZ Construction Trade Co. ( ), has been established in 2020 to construct viaducts, bridges, roads and industrial precast concrete factories, warehouses in Romania. Two Concrete batching plants and one precast prestressed beam plant in Ilfov County, Romania are supplying concrete (C8/10; C12/15; C16/20; C20/25; C25/30; C30/37; C35/45; C40/50 ) and precast prestressed concrete beams (I93, I103 and I160 L=36meters) for Bucharest Ring Road Project currently. The facility is established on 31.000 sqm area.
Delivering projects to our customers at the highest quality and become one of the leading companies in our sector by carrying our success to the next generations with our corporate culture, ethical values and sustainable structure.
Areas of Expertise
  • Construction
    Construction of roads, viaducts, bridges, overpasses, prefabricated (concrete) factories and warehouses
  • Concrete Precast Elements
    Production of all kind of concrete precast elements including tunnel segments, prestressed beams, prefabricated concrete columns and beams for industrial plants
  • Ready Mix Concrete Production
    Ready mix concrete production (2 active batching plants, each has 120 m^3/h capacity in Bucharest)
  • Concrete Batching Plants
    Installation and operation of stationary or mobile concrete batching plants for special projects
Rental Equipment
  • 01
    Launching Gantry cranes for
    beam installations
  • 02
    Mobile cranes
    up to 220 tons
  • 03
    Concrete mixers, concrete pumps
    up to 38 meters
  • 04
    Excavators, loaders, bulldozers,
    graders, cylinders etc
Ilgaz Group

Established in 1994, ILGAZ Group has started growing with Ilgaz Construction and Trade Co that is specialized in construction of bridges, viaducts and roads; production and installation of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete beams; and Fil Construction LC that is specialized in construction of bridges industrial buildings and production of prefabricated concrete products.

Ilgaz Group started its investments in railway sector in 2007 by partnering with RailOne GmBH to produce line and turnout railway sleepers in Ankara, Turkey. In 2016, a new partnership established with Tatravagonka Poprad Sro in order to produce freight wagons. Stepping into mass production with railway investments, Ilgaz Group welcomed Intecro and Robital into its portfolio of companies to gain robotic automation capabilities.